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Core features included in all plans.


Power Groups

MyRateManager delivers the tools and controls you need to combine like-for-like properties to better analyze trends effecting pricing and occupancy. It’s easy, pick from a list of your properties that are similar to each other and generally perform similarly, maybe your 3 bedrooms beachfront units or your 2 bedroom condo units as an example.

Custom Rate Mapping

MyRateManager Mission Control

Managers have complete control over how MyRateManager yields pricing; achieving the best rate and optimal occupancy the market will bear. Never before has there been a more flexible and efficient platform to enable Property Managers to earn more revenue from such a perishable and finite product.

Real-time analytics

Real-time Analytics

Don't’ get surprised. Just like that crystal ball you’ve heard about, MyRateManager provides the details and insight like none other. The platform monitors pricing and occupancy trends occurring in your market against your portfolios performance, in real-time, meaning now, not after a significant event. Compare last years performance with how you’re trending this year. Make informed decisions.

Feature 4

Automated Rates

MyRateManager does what is virtually impossible to do in such fast–paced industries, MyRateManager keeps an eye on your performance, how rates are performing, how your performing against your expected occupancy and makes the incremental adjustments to optimize both rates and occupancy, driving significant value to owner and managers bottom line. MyRateManager delivers the right rate, at the right time to the right consumer, based on real-time market conditions.

Syncing Options
We understand Property Management Systems are all different and they have a lot to do, so we’ve made it real simple. Whether your PMS can support a one-way or two-way interface, you'll be able to use MyRateManager. We’ve built in tools that alert you to the fluctuations that are occurring so you’re always aware whether we’re updating your Property Management System or not.

One Way


  • Automated Property Import
  • Automated Rate Import
  • Customizable Notifications
  • Customizable Rate Maps
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  • Automated Property Import
  • Automated Rate Import and Publishing
  • Customizable Notifications
  • Customizable Rate Maps
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